Sock Options

I’ll admit it, I have a problem with socks. Chances are you do too, whether you have ADHD or not.

There are so many sock issues, here are just a few:

  • Finding two that match.
  • Finding socks without holes in them.
  • Socks that are too tight.
  • Socks that are too big.
  • Socks that fall down and sneak into your shoes.
  • Socks that are itchy.
  • Single socks escape undetected whenever they get the chance.
  • It is almost impossible to throw away a single sock,even if you haven’t seen it’s match in years.
  • If you’re a mom you’re supposed to keep track of your socks and everybody else’s socks.

The big burning question I have concerning socks is, “Where exactly do all the missing socks go?”

I have a theory that those big black holes in outer space are filled with everybody’s missing socks.

The days are shorter and colder here on the east coast and wearing shoes without socks is no longer an option. I know I will have to bite the bullet and organize the dreaded sock drawer soon and it makes me feel anxious. I take some comfort in the fact that I have done this before and it worked out okay but I still feel a little challenged and overwhelmed.

Please join me on my journey as I address my sock situation and get my sock drawer in order.

Day One

Step One: Open the sock drawer and assess the situation. Notice what else is in there aside from socks.

Here are my preliminary findings as to what is living in my sock drawer:

  • two pairs of socks
  • lots of single socks
  • other people’s socks
  • tights and stockings
  • gloves
  • a hat
  • a box of Tic Tacs
  • two scarves

There might be other things in there but I didn’t dig around, I just noticed the things on top.

Step Two: Set a goal (ADHD coaches like me love to set goals).

My goal is to use this drawer exclusively for pairs of socks, no single socks allowed.


Day Two

Today, I am going to empty the drawer on a flat surface and divide the stuff into three distinct piles:

Pairs of Socks     Single Socks     Not Socks

My intention is to create pairs of socks, throw out all the single socks and find a new home for all the stuff that is not socks.

The idea of throwing away all the single socks is making me feel overwhelmed. My magical thinking is kicking in and I start to believe that all the single socks will miraculously find their mate. I realize that I have to be ruthless and throw out those single socks as if I were removing an old band-aid.

I wish I had a body double to help me get through because I always do better at this stuff when someone else is around, but I am home alone.

Just then, my cat, Mr. K enters the room and although he isn’t much of a help I always find his company reassuring and non-judgmental.

Mr. K

With his help I continue on my sock journey.

I take all the pairs of white socks and return them to the drawer on the left.

I take all the pairs of black socks and return them to the drawer on the right.

(I only buy black or white socks. Socks of many colors would add to the chaos.)

I quickly throw out all the single socks. Whew!

I find homes for the not socks stuff but I get stuck when I get to the stockings and tights.

Aren’t they kind of like socks? They don’t have a home so I decide that they will have to live in the sock drawer for now. Not a perfect solution but hey, I’m a work in progress, and look how much better my sock drawer looks. 


Kathy Sussell is an ADHD coach in Brooklyn, NY. She helps teens, college students and adults with ADHD with time management, planning and prioritizing, getting started with and finishing tasks, organizing paper and objects and improving social skills. She is the organizer of the ADHD Women’s Meetup Group that meets every month in downtown Brooklyn. For more information visit her website: or email Kathy at

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