Welcome to Bravo Life Coaching and Consulting Coaching for Teens, College Students and Adults

Kathy Sussell

Kathy Sussell, NYU PCC

Providing ADHD coaching to Brooklyn and the entire New York City area.
Distance coaching available nationwide.

chadd aco jstKathy

If you or someone in your family has ADHD, chances are you could use a coach’s help with one or more of the following:

Managing Time
– Getting to work or school on time
– Learning to plan and schedule
– Starting and finishing tasks
– Prioritizing
– Being able to find the things you need
– De-cluttering paper and objects
Social Skills
– Controlling your impulsivity
– Being able to stop interrupting and   blurting


Working With An ADHD Coach Will Help You To:
– Create specific and achievable goals
– Develop routines and structures that keep you on track.
– Learn strategies for starting and finishing projects and tasks.
– Organize your belongings and keep track of your papers.
– Manage your time effectively and be on time every time.
– Learn to work with and acknowledge your ADHD strengths.
– Create bedtime and morning routines that work for you.
– Incorporate healthy habits such as exercise, good nutrition and play into your life.
– Finally be able to stop searching for your keys.
– Learn social skills that will prevent social isolation.

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