Many of us with ADHD tend to use avoidance as a coping mechanism. If we think of a task as too hard, stupid, boring or scary, we will avoid it like the plague. Unfortunately, the things we find the most … Continue reading

The Power of Words

Words are important. They can hurt us or heal us, create conflict or promote peace and understanding. Words can support us in our darkest hours or hurl us into dark despair. Words have the power to point the way to … Continue reading


My Border Collie Bubba has a big basket of toys in my living room. Bubba is really good at taking all of his toys out of the basket and scattering them around the floor and though he is really smart, … Continue reading


I have six orchid plants growing on my windowsill and every year for eight years they have produced beautiful flowers but this year only one of them flowered. Other than noticing the lack of flowers, missing them and feeling a … Continue reading

Time Suckers

Time suckers are those things you do instead of doing the things you told yourself you were going to do. Time suckers draw our attention away from tasks that might be challenging or require focus and effort on our part. … Continue reading