About Kathy

Kathy Sussell is the creator of Bravo Life Coaching. She is a trained and experienced ADHD coach. She knows how to help you build on your strengths and develop the skills and strategies you need to minimize the difficulties of living with ADHD and meet the challenges of everyday life. Kathy’s personal experience with ADHD helps her understand her clients struggles.

As an ADHD coach, Kathy stays informed of the latest research and science regarding ADHD and generously shares that information with her clients.

Prior to becoming a coach Kathy had a successful internet start-up company and then worked as Parent Coordinator at P.S. 234 in Lower Manhattan. She created a punctuality improvement program for parents who couldn’t get their kids to school on time. This program ignited her interest in time management, ADHD and coaching.

Kathy has been happily married to her very ADHD husband for thirty years and has three lovely daughters, two grandchildren, a dog and two cats. She lives in New York City where she was born and raised.

Working with an ADHD coach provides an outside source of structure that is non-confrontational and relieves stress from the family. The coaching process supports growth and change by providing structure, support and accountability.


Here’s what Kathy’s clients have to say:

“I’ve been working with Kathy Sussell for about five years as my life coach.  There is no way to measure how valuable she is to me.

I consult with Kathy regarding any business issues, she helps me reduce the clutter in my home, and is an invaluable person to reality-check any issue in my life in general.  She’s intelligent, humorous and kind.  An unbeatable combination!”

– Judy S.


“I firmly and absolutely recommend Kathy for help with improving executive and organizational skills. Her calm and rational approach to ADHD and executive functioning related issues is truly commendable, and I can’t speak more highly of her dedication to help clients improve their relationship to the issue at hand.

Before I found Kathy for my issues with ADHD, I contacted several coaches and a therapist with delayed communication and poor results. Within the hour I contacted her, she had called me to discuss the situation and my needs. This kind of prompt, tailored, and educated response is what I have come to expect and value in Kathy. Every time I talk to her, she builds on our past progress and gently assesses the roadblocks in my way, helping to me uncover and stick with methods to improve my time management, organizational skills, and prioritizing capabilities.

Every week, I receive emails on new lectures, books, and articles on ADHD Kathy has researched in addition to the emails with new information she’s found specifically for me. When I first started working with her, I was amazed with the breadth and depth of her knowledge on the science and issues of executive functioning issues. Now I understand that she never stops working for her clients to understand the latest news on these issues. I’ve never met someone more on top of their job – which is especially important when you’re teaching organizational and prioritizing skills!

Her knowledge of her field is matched by her dedication to help her clients succeed. What I love most about working with her is the empowerment she gives me. She has helped me understand how to be self-reliant, and how to effectively manage my life on my own. She is never a crutch, and always a coach. As a caregiver myself to an 11 year old with attention issues, I cannot think of a better coach for a young person than Kathy. Her calm, pleasant demeanor and her steel dedication will help you immensely.”

– Justine L.


“Kathy is coaching me on a specific project, launching a business, and she is absolutely phenomenal. In a patient and empathetic tone, she helps me clarify my goals and feel less overwhelmed. She asks great questions that allow me to consider my options and what my next step might be. She is extremely supportive and understanding. After speaking with her, I always feetl confident, calm, and clear about what I need to do to move forward. I would recommend Kathy to anyone and everyone.”

-Adena B.


“Kathy gets results. She is goal oriented and goes about helping her clients reach their goals, and while doing so, she has a special connection with that individual. She is smart and stays on task. Kathy is also kind and able to weed through one’s often murky thoughts to decipher any underlying issues which may have a difficult time surfacing. To put it more clearly, Kathy “gets” people.”

– Catherine C.


“Kathy is a dedicated life coach who is especially knowledgeable and insightful about ADHD. She is able to offer strategies to her clients which can be put to immediate use. Helping individuals set and achieve realistic goals, Kathy assists people through a process of personal growth. Kathy’s patience, warmth and true interest in connecting with each person as an individual with unique potential makes her a coach worthy of high praise.”

– Nancy K.


“Kathy is a wonderful coach who pays attention to the energy of what is being said. She is generous, patient, and very compassionate. Kathy has a natural way of being with her clients and is very dedicated to supporting those with ADHD. I highly recommend her!”

– Mary Ann F.


“I would highly recommend Kathy Sussell as a life coach. Her insight and compassion combined with her knowledge make her a great resource for those who need her expertise.”

– Nancy W.


“Kathy is insightful and compassionate, providing a safe and encouraging environment for personal growth. She is sincere and caring, with a sense of humor that made is enjoyable to explore my life decisions.”

– Susan K.


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