How is ADHD coaching different from life coaching?
An ADHD coach has been trained as a life coach and has received additional training to work with clients who have ADHD. Many ADHD coaches either have ADHD, have family members with ADHD or have ADHD like qualities. ADHD coaching is typically more directive than life coaching. An ADHD coach has knowledge of specific skills and strategies and organizational techniques that allow clients to feel successful.

How do I know if coaching is right for me or my child?
Most people come to coaching because there is a goal they want to achieve or something in their life is not working and they need some help to make some changes. I offer a complimentary coaching consultation that typically lasts for about an hour. This allows both of us the opportunity to decide if we want to work with each other. If I am going to be working with a young person I set up the meeting to include both parent and child.

How long does coaching last?
Because change takes place over time I work with my clients for a minimum of three months. This includes either a one hour session, or two half hour sessions per week and frequent check-ins by e-mail, texting and short (five or ten minute) phone calls. At the end of three months we can continue on a month to month basis.

Where do I meet with my clients?
I live and work in New York City and I’m open to meeting with clients in person when possible. I also coach over the phone or through Skype when distance is a barrier.

What does coaching cost?
My fee for coaching is $500 per month payable in advance by either check, Pay Pal or credit card. If you are the parent of a child with ADHD and want to schedule a one hour consultation the fee is $150 per hour.

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