Never Be Late Again: Coming 5/6/13 to CHADD


CHADD of New York is proud to present:

Never Be Late Again

Presented by: Kathy Sussell, ADHD Coach
Monday, May 6th, 2013

Are you always running late? Have you been reprimanded at work for being tardy?

Do your friends and family think of you as unreliable and flaky because you are never on time?

Are you late to everything, even things that you are really looking forward to?

Do you know how being tardy is affecting your self-esteem?

Getting out the door in the morning and arriving at school or work on time with everything you need for the day is challenging for everyone, but for people with ADHD it’s especially difficult. Just as some people are color blind, many people with ADHD are affected by “time blindness” and perceive time differently. This is a serious problem because tardiness at work can lead to dismissal or being overlooked for promotion.

This workshop will help people with ADHD make the shift to being on time consistently by creating a time friendly environment and developing skills and strategies for success.

Join us for an exciting evening where you will learn How to Never Be Late Again.
Reservations are not required.

Target audience: Adults and Parents with ADHD

Date & Time: Monday, May 6th 5:55PM (Doors close soon after) to 7:30PM

Where: 65 East 89th Street, Manhattan (The Parish Office of St Thomas More, between Madison and Park Avenues)

Meetings are free, with a $10 donation requested.

Please leave the kids at home.

Kathy Sussell is an ADHD coach in Brooklyn, NY. She helps teens, college students and adults with ADHD with time management, planning and prioritizing, getting started with and finishing tasks, organizing paper and objects and improving social skills. She is the organizer of the ADHD Women’s Meetup Group that meets every month in downtown Brooklyn. For more information visit her website: or email Kathy at

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