My Border Collie Bubba has a big basket of toys in my living room. Bubba is really good at taking all of his toys out of the basket and scattering them around the floor and though he is really smart, … Continue reading

Confessions of a Disco Queen

I don’t like cleaning, dusting, doing dishes, folding laundry or putting things away. I am never in the mood to clean up, ever. But living in chaos doesn’t work for me. Because: I’m so clumsy that if there’s something laying … Continue reading

Good Luck/Pot Luck

The holiday season is approaching and chances are you will receive an invitation to a holiday party or a pot luck dinner. Pot luck dinners can be fun and a great opportunity to polish your social skills but they can … Continue reading

What’s the Plan?

Planning is important for creating change and getting stuff done but many of us with ADHD often resist the idea of sitting down with a pen and paper and creating a plan and structuring the day. Use a pen that … Continue reading